Why Are Atheists So Politically Active?
In this essay, I define atheistic humanists as people who think faith in God is irrational or unenlightened. I make a connection between atheistic humanism and liberals by discussing a book on jurisprudence in the United States by two liberal law professors.

Why Liberalism Is a Neurotic Response to Religion
In this essay, I argue that liberals don't understand the mind-body problem, the proof of God's existence, evolutionary biology, and the business cycle. Since liberals are in most matters very intelligent, this means they have a situational neurosis.

Scientism and Existentialism
In this essay, I discuss the point of view that only scientific knowledge is worthwhile.

Do Darwinists Have Integrity?
This consists of lesson plans for the ideas presented in the YouTube video. The last lesson describes the response of three eminent Darwinists to the questions I put to them at a Web conference honoring Charles Darwin.