Analogy Between Nazi Germany and the United States
This summarized my attempts to get the American Journal of Physics to retract an article about evolution and thermodynamics.

Why People Believe God Caused the Big Bang
This essay explains why people find the scientific arguments for God's existence persuasive.

Evolution and the Culture War
At a conference honoring Charles Darwin, I confronted three evolutionary biologists about Darwinism.

Why the Shroud of Turin Is not Authentic
Paul Vignon and the French Academy of Science, STURP, Marvin Muller, William Meacham, Robert Wild, S.J., Leonardo Da Vinci, Image of Edessa are mentioned and commented upon.

Why Are Atheists So Politically Active?
I define atheistic humanists as people who think faith in God is irrational or unenlightened. I make a connection between atheistic humanism and liberals by discussing a book on jurisprudence in the United States by two liberal law professors.

Why Liberalism Is a Neurotic Response to Religion
I argue that liberals don't understand the mind-body problem, the proof of God's existence, evolutionary biology, and the business cycle. Since liberals are in most matters very intelligent, this means they have a situational neurosis.

Scientism and Existentialism
I discuss the point of view that only scientific knowledge is worthwhile.

Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics
I argue that there is no evidence supporting the Born interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Theology, History, and the Holy Shroud
This essay explains the difference between these five methods of inquiry and was written after I discovered Robert Drews's book about the Shroud of Turin.

Reasons to Believe in Jesus
Three quotes from atheists are reasons to believe in Jesus.

Quotes About Science and Religion
These quotes show how misinformed many people are about evolutionary biology.

Cosmological Argument for God's Existence
The "prime mover" and "first cause" arguments for God's existence as corrected by Etienne Gilson.

Exploring the Conflict Between Science and Religion
I discuss the peer-review controversy about an article advocating the theory of intelligent design and the connection between evolution and thermodynamics.

Entropy, Evolution, and Intelligent Design
This essay explains the errors in two contradictory peer-reviewed articles titled "Entropy and evolution."

Primer on Evolution
This is an outline of a book about evolutionary biology.

Open Letter to U.S. District Court Judge about Intelligent Design
Kitzmiller, et. al. v. Dover Area School District Board of Directors

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This is comments of five quotes from a draft of an entry for this online encyclopedia.

Post on Jerry Coyne's blog: Why Evolution is True
This is one of many comments about "Sophisticated theologian with science training: Jesus is like dark matter"

Letter to the Editor of the Technician About Evolution
This concerns Jerry Coyne's criticism of a student's essay about Creationism.

Cognitive Dissonance and The Shroud of Turin

Exploring the Conflict Between Science and Religion