The Power of God for Christians and Jews

by Jon Douglas Levenson

This book is a scholarly analysis of the development of the doctrine of the resurrection of the body for Christianity and Judaism. It analyzes the Old and New Testament, the Talmud, the writings of Gnostics, and the Christian Fathers about the resurrection. Though it is written for believers and non-believers, the authors believe God's justice requires the resurrection of the body and the book is a strong apology for faith. For example:

Tertullian and Irenaeus firmly believed that if the Gnostic notions of the body and resurrection were true, this meant that Christians had not really been saved. The stakes were that high. To suggest that such men were really more interested in securing thier own comfortable existence or power is to misrepresent or misunderstand them woefully, to present them falsely, and to obscure how seriously and conscientiously such thinkers wrestled with the truth of the claim that Christ had been raised and that all of his followers would be raised on the last day.(page 234)