How to Argue Against Evolutionists

Biological evolution includes adaptation and common descent. The adaptation of species to the environment is an observation. Common descent is the theory that microscopic organisms evolved into whales in period of about 100 million decades. I use decades rather than years because it take 20 years for a single fertilized human egg to produce all of the cells in the human body. People who contradict creationists by insisting evolution is a fact tend to think it is a fact that free will is an illusion. One theory answers the question: Where do fossils come from? The other theory answers the question: What is the relationship between myself and my body?

Fact or theory, evolution gives rise to the question of what caused it. Biologists invented the theory of natural selection acting upon innovations. The old paradigm for innovations was random mutations. According to James Shapiro of the University of Chicago, the new paradigm is “natural genetic engineering.” Be that as it may, not enough is understood about the innovations natural selection acts upon to understand how mammals evolved so rapidly from bacteria. Evolutionary biologists always speak of “adaptive evolution.” An old model for evolution was a tornado hitting a junkyard and producing a Boeing 747 in flight. The new model is a computer generating an English sonnet by the random selection of letters.

The only theory that even attempts to explain evolution is the theory of intelligent design (ID). Advocates of ID compare this theory with natural selection to make ID look more rational than it is. ID is an irrational theory because there is no evidence for it. Atheists go along with this scam because they don’t want to admit that ID is a better theory than natural selection, in some sense.

Evolution is connected to religion, and religion causes conflict between people. Conflict produces anxiety, and inhibition is a defense mechanism for anxiety. When it comes to evolution, people are inhibited from thinking rationally and intelligently and behaving properly.

Another biologist from the University of Chicago, Jerry Coyne, is so obsessed with his hatred of creationism and the theory of intelligent design, that he saw fit to lambast Nicky Vaught on his widely read blog, “Why Evolution Is True.” Jerry Coyne will never admit publicly that natural selection explains only adaptation.

This letter was quoted in full and criticized by Jerry Coyne on Why Evolution is True.