A Discussion for Those Who Believe by Thomas L. McFadden

Pseudoscience is lying about science in order to promote your convictions about religion. The author's thesis is that atheistic pseudoscience is the cause of the Catholics losing their faith. My thesis is the reason the Catholic Church in America is in decline is that Catholics apologists engage in worse pseudoscience than atheists and do not know how to refute atheistic pseudoscience. Another possibility is that Catholic apologists do not want to refute atheistic pseudoscience because they want to maintain good relations with atheists.

The author quotes a like-minded author as follows:

The Marist Brothers who taught me at that time would tell their students that Catholics are free to believe that evolution took place, as long as they understood it to be a process begun by God, and one in which human beings were created when God infused a soul into the evolving creature that became man. This was the same understanding taught to me by Jesuit priests at Fordham in the 1960s.(location 631)

To explain my thesis, I will use this quote from an atheist:

Catholics could believe whatever science determined about the evolution of the human body, so long as they accepted that, at some time of his choosing, God had infused the soul into such a creature. I also knew that I had no problem with this statement, for whatever my private beliefs about souls, science cannot touch such a subject and therefore cannot be threatened by any theological position on such a legitimately and intrinsically religious issue. (Stephen Jay Gould, Natural History, March 1997 13th paragraph)

McFadden's thesis, if I understand him correctly, is that the Marist/Jesuit point of view is "theistic evolution," which supports belief in evolution rather than belief in the Bible. Hence, the Marist/Jesuit statement supports the atheistic pseudoscience of Gould, and thereby causing educated Catholics to lose their faith.

My thesis is that the Marist/Jesuit quote is more absurd than the Gould quote. Rational people, not knowing any better, will side with Gould.

According to the Catholic Church, human beings inherit the stain of original sin from their parents through sexual generation. The idea that God infuses a soul into an embryo is nonsense. The doctrine of purgatory for the soul that remains after the body dies is just theological speculation. Catholics believe in "life everlasting" and the Second Coming. In other words, the idea that human beings "have souls" is heretical nonsense. It is pseudoscience, if you speak of the "evolution of the body." Gould is quite right to dismiss the Marist/Jesuit concept of the soul in a respectful manner.

Knowing better, I side with the Marist/Jesuit because Gould is a liar. His lie is to say that human beings evolved from animals. The truth is that homo sapiens sapiens evolved from animals, not human beings. A human being has free will and the conscious knowledge of human beings, not the sense knowledge of animals. We know that animals can see, hear, and solve easy problems because we see and hear animals doing this. We don't know how we know we have free will, conscious knowledge, and can create images and other mental beings. This is why human beings are equal to one another and superior to animals. This is why slavery is wrong, but is it okay to own animals and use them for food. A homo sapiens sapiens is a hypothetical creature discussed in biology textbooks. Gould and his like would never admit this. McFadden and his like would never call Gould a liar.

If you want to learn what the human soul is read "The One and the Many: A Contemporary Thomistic Metaphysic," by W. Norris Clarke, S.J., who was my metaphysics teacher in 1963.